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Dannii Minogue - I Begin To Wonder

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The Reflecting Skin

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It's all so horrible you know, the nightmare of childhood. And it only gets worse. One day you'll wake up, and you'll be past it. Your beautiful skin will wrinkle and shrivel up, you'll lose your hair, your sight, your memory. Your blood will thicken, teeth turn yellow and loose. You will start to stink and fart and all your friends will be dead. You'll succumb to arthritis, angina, senile dementia, you'll piss yourself, shit yourself, drool at the mouth. Just pray that when this happens you've got someone to love you, because if you're loved you'll still be young. Innocence can be hell.

Chris & Cosey - October Love Song

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Pacifique - Quand tu serres mon corps

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Bee Gees - To Love Somebody

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Un peu de tendresse, bordel.

Erasure - A Little Respect

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